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Well Suited

Empowering Men In Career & Life

About Us


Our Story

 It all starts with a suit…..but it doesn’t end there.

Actually, it starts with career-appropriate dress. It could be a suit, or maybe a hard hat. Our relationship continues with career development tools, and essential life-skills that help men enter the workforce.


Through partnerships in our community, we serve those in need based on where they are in life and career at the time we are introduced. While the primary mode of support will begin with suiting the individual for their career of choice, Well Suited will provide additional support to ensure that clients thrive in career and life to become positive role models for their families and community. 


Job Readiness

 The Job Readiness Program is designed to help men prepare for their interview to enter or re-enter the workforce by providing clothing, image consulting, counseling and pre-interview guidance. 


Professional Development

 The soon-to- be-launched Professional Development Series will offer group workshops facilitated by volunteers and community leaders in career counseling, focusing on clients’ development needs.